Commercial solar panels can open up money saving and even profitable routes for your business.

Statistics tell us that in 2015 Solar is now the most popular form of renewable energy and it can greatly benefit any business regardless of size.

At CK Solars we can assess your personal business needs and provide a tailor made package to ensure you and your business get great value for money. You will also be taking responsibility for your carbon footprint, by reducing CO2 emissions and doing your bit for the environment. CK Solars are currently one of the most accomplished Solar Panel PV Installers within the commercial sector. We have worked with large scale systems up to 3 Megawatts.

We also specialize in and have completed a number of bespoke installs, no job is too complex for CK Solars and Roofing Ltd.


Our numerous projects over the years include work for the following companies:

  • IKEA
  • British Gas
  • Nottingham Ice Arena
  • Timothy Taylor Brewery
  • Various Schools and Universities across the UK

But to name a few……!

Business Benefits 

  • Reducing your electricity bills
  • Be in charge of your company’s energy costs
  • Take advantage and earn with the Feed-In tariff
  • Ensure your business is not affected by the continuous rise in energy costs
  • By reducing your carbon footprint, you can be kinder to the environment

Horizontal Lifeline


We are now one of only a few companies in the UK whom have adopted the ‘Horizontal Lifeline System’ installing approach.

With more and more commercial buildings having Solar installed, access gained can be difficult with busy work yards, haulage deliveries etc. Also having the space to erect scaffolding can also prove a problem in many built up areas for example towns and cities, high rise buildings.

With the ‘Horizontal lifeline System’ we gain a safe working area on the roof to install the array using harness attachment alone, meaning no scaffolding needed. Along with saving time and money it proves very popular within a very busy work space.



For a free quotation or to discuss your requirements please get in touch : 

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CK Solars can provide you with Solar Panels to suit the needs of you and your family.

We can assess the size of your property, which direction the panels need to be facing to get the most panel productivity and the type of panels best for your home.

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Unlike many other companies around at the moment, CK Solars can provide you with a comprehensive after care service for your panels and system, and to provide maximum efficiency we can also implement a cleaning plan to keep your panels at their peak performance at all times.


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We have members of the team who are able to assess and complete any remedial work and repairs on any roof covering and all aspect of roofing work, whether it is relevant to a solar installation or simply a roof that needs a repair.


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If you have any questions about solar panels, solar panel installation, solar panel maintenance or roofing repairs we are happy to hear from you.

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